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This section is the heart of the web site. We have gathered inputs from actual survivors as well as those undergoing treatment. They have been screened for reasonableness but not as a guide for your treatment. You need to reflect on all these inputs, interpret common observations, integrate them into your symptoms and laboratory data and then, ask your doctor informed questions about your prostate cancer.

To simplify your search for useful information we have organized them as a person would go through the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. So, you can start at the beginning and work through all the major subjects or go directly to those you are most concerned about. Please note the scope of information in this web site deals with the following treatments for prostate cancer; active surveillance, radical prostatectomy and radiation including brachytherapy and hormones. Other treatments are beyond the scope here.

At the beginning of each major section we have selected text from books by such luminaries as Dr. Peter Scardino, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center ('Dr. Peter Scardino's Prostate Book, Peter Scardino and Judith Kellman', Penguin Group, Copyright 2005 - All rights reserved) and the 'Report to the Nation on Prostate Cancer' from the Prostate Cancer Foundation. I am grateful to receive their permission to reproduce excerpts from the books. View this information as solid background on the subject by distinguished urologists. These are excerpts from complex subjects and incomplete so you should consider reading a more complete description in the books themselves to get a better overall understanding of prostate cancer. Note page numbers are provided to help you quickly get a bigger picture.

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