“…Screening for prostate cancer has enabled us to catch the disease early and cut the prostate cancer death rate. Though screening remains controversial and is not appropriate for every man, having these tests regularly can virtually ensure we’ll detect prostate cancers before they become lethal…” (Scardino – Pg. 148) “…The American Urological Association and the American Cancer Society are more positive about the benefits of screening. They advise physicians to offer men annual DRE and PSA testing starting at age 50 (45 for those at high risk) as long as the patient’s life expectancy is at least ten years...” (Scardino – Pg 135)

Survivor Story Heading

 I started having routine check ups in 1995 when 57 years old, and kept detailed records, allowing me to track the change in PSA every year. I also had a D.R.E. each year and relied on the same ‘Clinic’ urologist through the summer of 2006. The initial reading was 2.3 and not a cause for alarm.

James F. Girand