”…PSA is far from perfect. While the test can help to detect prostate cancer, studies that compared screening methods found that one of every five cancers were detected because of an abnormal DRE in patients who had a normal PSA…” (Scardino – Page139) “.. In this country, we still advocate PSA plus a digital rectal exam as the most effective way to detect cancer early…” (Scardino – Page 140) “…While a small percentage of general physicians are excellent DRE interpreters, urologists, in general, have more experience and expertise. If you’re at high risk for prostate cancer or your PSA is creeping up, having a prostate exam by an experienced urologist is probably a good idea….” (Scardino –Page 141) 

Survivor Story Heading

Every PSA test at the Clinic was accompanied by a D.R.E. exam and was negative, including those done by luminary urologists in the summer of 2006 and the final one shortly before my radical prostatectomy.

James F. Girand