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Listed below are examples of organization web sites seeking to offer resources to people with prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Foundation
American Cancer Society

Support Group Links - Yahoo

Here are some links to prostate cancer support groups that may be interesting. We cannot vouch for the accuracy or usefulness of the information so, be sure to independently check out the assertions and statements – do not rely on this information exclusively as your basis for treatment. Other links to support groups focused on certain geographic areas are also available in Yahoo Groups but not listed here.


This group deals with all aspects of the support required in how to live as full a life as possible, the practical ways of dealing with Prostate Cancer, how you feel about it and it's side effects and supporting each other in a kind way including details of support groups and information lines. In other words helping each other find ways to cope without being pushy and discussions associated with the subject.


This site is restricted and requires an adult age check.


The natural heir and successor to Watchful Waiting and Active Surveillance - the least onerous of the options for prostate cancer. A window of opportunity to try out complementary non-invasive treatments. A breathing space before you decide on definitive therapy, or if you need a rest after a period of debilitating treatment.


Prostate cancer is a couple's disease and all suffer. After surgery or treatment trying to redevelop some intimacy or closeness takes both partners. By sharing each other's experiences we can learn how important it is to put some sort of intimacy and loving back into the relationship.


Prostate cancer life expectancy - Despite recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, cancer rates and the number of deaths from cancer continue to increase. In approximately one half of persons diagnosed with cancer, active treatment becomes ineffective at a certain point. At this point physicians are expected to predict the patient's life expectancy based on the clinical estimation of survival. This step becomes significant because of the difficulties that follow late referral or absence of referral to palliative care programs. Vigano and colleagues studied the accuracy of the clinical estimate of survival in patients who were seen at the onset of their terminal phase.


This group is focused on the attempt of an individual to deal with prostate cancer. The initial project is described in detail in the introductory posting. A program of chemotherapy, which was part of the protocol of Dr. Robert Leibowitz, M.D., called Triple Androgen Blockade (TAB), was aborted on Nov. 16, 2006, after the ninth of twelve scheduled sessions.


This is a new Yahoo Group- HCT-PCa [harmonizing comprehension and treatment of prostate cancer]. It is a continuation in some ways of the 21 CAPC group which Sammy Bates recently closed. You will be required to introduce yourself and post your history. You will also be expected to be a participant and not a lurker. In fact, if you don't participate from time to time, you will lose your membership privileges. This group is for SERIOUS participants and assertions and ideas will need to be backed up with studies and thought. There will be no "Snuffy saidŠ" without peer reviewed studies to demonstrate those ideas.