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“…(After radical prostatectomy) Some of my patients are dry as soon as the catheter is removed, and more than half stop needing pads within a few days. By six weeks after surgery, 90% achieve social continence, meaning the urinary leakage has ceased altogether or lessened to the point that it has little or no impact on normal activities. Seventy five percent of these men are sufficiently dry to stop wearing pads altogether and the rest simply use a small pad to contain minimal leakage. One year after radical prostatectomy, only 1% of men I see continue to have leakage troublesome enough to warrant treatment…” (Scardino – Pg340) 

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Another real tribute to Dr. Carroll. I was fully continent when the catheter was removed. I wore pads for about a month and stopped because they were not necessary. Still get up once or twice/night. The volume of flow reminds me of many years ago……!

James F. Girand

Incontinence: After operation minor problems solved in a couple of months with pads and exercise in a few months. (tighten sphincter) No additional problems after radiation.  Some time still use a small pad to catch the last drip after urinating.

73 year old male
December 30, 2007