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“…For a healthy man who has many more years to live, radical prostatectomy, which offers the best proven long-term durable results, can be an excellent treatment choice for localized prostate cancer. Though this is the most disruptive approach in the short run, with modern nerve-sparing surgery most men soon regain normal urinary control and recover normal sexual function over time. The quality of the surgery is critical, far more important in the long run than the type of procedure you have. Be sure to put yourself in the hands of an experienced specialist with an excellent track record….” (Scardino – Pg. 295) “..For many doctors, men who are above age 75 will likely be counseled away from prostatectomy and toward radiation therapy or active surveillance….” (Prostate Cancer Foundation – Pg. 30) See discussion of ‘nerve-sparing’ surgery under ‘Potency’ below

Open versus Laproscopic Heading

“…The benefits of laproscopic surgery are obvious: smaller incisions and less invasive surgery leads to less loss of blood and shorter hospital stays. However, because this type of procedure is far more challenging that the standard “open” prostatectomy, and the learning curve for becoming proficient is steeper, surgical skill becomes even more important. If laproscopic surgery is performed by an experienced, well-qualified surgeon, the outcomes can be as good as traditional open surgery, and, in some cases better because it is less invasive….remember that the decision about whether to undergo laproscopic surgery with or without robotic assistance vs. traditional surgery is yours and yours alone…”: (Prostate Cancer Foundation – Pg. 23, 24) “….If the doctor’s approach is laproscopic, ask how long he has been practicing this technique and how many cases he has done. I’d be skeptical of someone who has less than a hundred of these operations under his belt…If you’re considering a laproscopic prostactectomy, be sure to get details about the surgeon’s record with this approach……You’ll want to find a surgeon who can offer outcomes at least as good as you could expect from an open procedure…In the final analysis, the quality of the surgical procedure is the most critical issue, and this depends on the quality of the surgeon. Shop for the surgeon, not the approach….” (Scardino – Pg. 275).