“….The goal of brachytherapy, or, seed implantation is the same as that of external beam radiation therapy: to kill the prostate cancer cells where they live. The difference, however, is that brachytherapy does it from within the prostate itself. With this approach, tiny little metal pellets containing radioactive iodine or palladium, each smaller than a grain of rice, are inserted into the prostate via needles that enter through the skin behind the testicles. As with 3D conformal radiation therapy, careful and precise maps are used to insure that the seeds are placed in the proper locations. Over the course of several months. The seeds give off radiation to the immediate area, killing the prostate cancer cells. By the end of the year, the radioactive material degrades and the seeds that remain are harmless…” (Prostate Cancer Foundation – Pg. 26) “….Brachytherapy is not for everyone. With the exception of the temporary high-dose iridium implant….most experts agree that seed implants are only appropriate for men whose cancers are low risk, with all favorable features (a low clinical stage of T1 or T2a, a low Gleason score between 2 and 6, with no aggressive Gleason pattern 4 or 5 components and with PSA under 10)…….Your prostate anatomy is a major consideration. The larger the gland the harder it is to saturate with seeds….A small prostate weighing less than 40 grams is ideal. Anything over 50 or 60 grams, even in the most skilled hands, may be too large to treat safely with seeds….To treat a large prostate with seeds, hormone therapy would be required to shrink the prostate before treatment…Though side effects are far from inevitable, problems with urinary control and bowel and erectile function develop slowly over months or even years as radiation damage accumulates…..” (Scardino – Pg. 314,315)