“…..Proton beams can be delivered to the precise contours of the target, where they abruptly deposit their energy, avoiding spillover into adjacent tissues. Because damage to surrounding organs is minimized, proponents claim that high, extraordinary effective treatment doses can be administered. Extravagant claims have been made that the therapy can boast a 100 percent success rate without complications or side effects, but we lack credible studies and long term data to support this (12). Experts question whether proton therapy is superior to modern high-dose 3-D conformal radiation with IMRT.

The technology is extraordinarily cumbersome and expensive and rarely available. If you happen to live near one of the twenty or so centers world wide that has a proton unit, it can provide good state-of-the-art therapy (Dr. Peter Scardino’s Prostate Book – Page 306)

 Survivor Stories Heading

Proton Radiation Therapy at Loma Linda (Ca) University Medical Center was just the treatment that I was looking for in 2003. My PSA was 14, and my Gleason was 7. Thanks to a classmate I heard about Proton Treatment and decided that it was the right choice. I chose it because the treatment is non-invasive, is all out-patient, has miminal side-effects (and non like incontinence and impotency), and has a success rate equal to the extreme surgical choices. The staff at LLUMC was professional, courteous, friendly, and helpful. I finished my treatment in May of 2004, and my PSA has hovered around 0.5 since then.

LLUMC has treated tens of thousands of prostate cancer patients since the early 90’s, but unfortunately proton therapy is rarely mentioned by surgical-driven urologists. For more information men can go to www.protonbob.com, or the LLUMC website.

Park Weaver
La Mesa, Ca