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Founder racing under UCSF ColorsHere is a short description of my search to find a ‘prostate friendly’ bicycle seat, when my urologist cleared me to ride again, two months after the radical prostatectomy.

I make these comments as a duathlete who loves to ride, a former National Age Group Champion and having participated in seventeen consecutive World Duathlon Championships, finishing as high as fifth.

The first revelation I encountered is the phrase ‘prostate friendly bicycle seat’ appears to be foreign or unknown to the saddle manufacturers. I found links to the better known companies seemed to offer a seat with a slot down the middle, slightly different for men and women. However, I could not find a manufacturer who started with a discussion of the prostate, or, former prostate area, and how a seat was designed to solve our problem – avoiding damage to the delicate neurovascular bundles our urologists worked so hard to preserve.

I finally settled on the Selle SMP. There is a good rotating graphic at their web site.

There are two widths – 130 mm and 143 mm. I am finding even though I used a 143 mm width before, the shape of the SMP allows me to use the 130 mm width. The seat is hard! And, the slot that tapers down to the front puts most of the weight on the two ‘butt bones’ which is probably necessary. The weight is spot on - 200 grams. I have been riding on it since January, twice/week and getting used to it. No damage to the neurovascular bundles yet but the seat is far from being ‘broken in’ or as comfortable as my old seat. And, even when it gets easier to use, my urologist cautions me to spend a lot of time out of the saddle. In summary, for serious cyclists the Selle SMP looks like a good choice to protect our sensitive area, light weight, and has an extensive period before it feels comfortable.